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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Durham Flight Homeschool Athletics?

DFHA is a Christian homeschool organization established to encourage, support and build Christian character through the participation in extracurricular activities related to athletics.  DFHA is committed to providing quality athletic instruction and seeks to encourage the development of honorable character qualities and leadership skills within a team environment that will intentionally honor and glorify Christ.  Participation is open to families of all races and religions.  All DFHA teams and activities are governed by policies based on traditional Biblical principles.  Members and participating families agree to abide by these principles.


What sports do you offer?

Currently we offer boys’ and girls’ basketball and girls’ volleyball at the Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity level.


Do all the players on your teams have equal playing time, or are you a competitive program?

We are a competitive program in which our coaches seek to win, although not to win at all cost.  We value Christian character and honorable conduct while at the same time, excellence and a winning tradition. Coaches decide which players play and for how long, to promote the success and best interests of the team. This makes us distinctly different from other programs such as Upward Basketball.


Where do you practice and play games?

Home games for boys’ and girls’ basketball are played at a centrally located gymnasium. See our practice and game schedule on the website for more information specific to your team. Our teams travel across the region for away games against homeschool, private school, and Christian school opponents. Practice gyms vary by team.


How often do you practice?  How many games are there per week?  Per season?

Middle School teams of both sports generally practice twice a week, while Junior Varsity and Varsity teams practice two to three times a week.  Once games start, the number of practices is reduced.  Middle School teams generally play one or two games a week, whereas Varsity teams play up to four.  Over the course of the season in basketball, Middle School teams play 16-20 games, Junior Varsity teams play 20-25 games, and Varsity teams play 30-35 games including tournaments. In volleyball, our Middle School team plays about 15-18 games, Junior Varsity plays 18-21 games, and Varsity plays 23-25 games including tournaments.


Do you have Bylaws? Do you have non-profit (501.c.3) tax-exempt status?

Yes, our new Bylaws were enacted in summer 2015, and we received 501.c.3 tax-exempt status in May 2016.


I understand you have a new web site.

We upgraded our web site and program communications in summer 2016 to a sophisticated sports program management system called Sports Illustrated Play. All our Durham Flight Volleyball and Basketball teams have individual team pages on this web site, and you will also find program-wide updates, information, photos, sponsor information, our new online registration and payment systems, links to Flight policies and Bylaws, and a Durham Flight store. This system sends email and text reminders and has greatly improved communications among our players, families, and coaches. Check it out!


What are the participation costs and how is the money used?

DFHA is operated entirely by volunteers (mostly parents!) who give of their time to coach the teams and run the organization.  Participation fees vary from the Middle School to Varsity level with Varsity being the highest.  In addition to participation fees, parents provide their athlete’s transportation and meals for away games and tournaments, and Varsity families pay small additional participation fees for tournaments such as the Basketball East Coast Nationals.  We organize fundraising projects every year and provide information to help you seek sponsorships for your child from businesses and individuals.  Fees are paid online through our web site by debit or credit card, or by check or cash to the Parent Coodinator of your child's team. We offer a monthly payment plan option. Our greatest expenses are for gym rentals, referees, and insurance, and we provide equipment and uniforms for our athletes. 


Are you in a league with other homeschool sports teams?

Yes, Durham Flight Homeschool Athletics is a member of the North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) league, which organizes, oversees and regulates regional and state-wide athletic competition for homeschooled students in North Carolina.  We are in the East Region Conference.  NCHEAC organizes tournaments including regional and state championships at the end of the playing season.  For more information, go to the NCHEAC web site at http://ncheac.com/site.


Do you have college-bound athletes in your program?

Yes, DFHA has graduated both boys and girls who have gone on to play at the NCAA Division 3 level and currently has one athlete already committed to a NCAA Division 1 university.  As an organization we are committed to providing both an excellent experience for homeschooled students who seek a quality athletics extracurricular activity, as well as to fostering the training and development of college-bound homeschooled student-athletes.


Do parents volunteer to help run the organization, or can I drop my child off for practices and games?

DFHA is a very hands-on organization for our parents as well as our players, and parent volunteering is a must.  We have jobs suited to the most experienced as well as the newest members, and we offer training for anyone who wants to learn a new skill or brush up on an old one.  Most parents volunteer on their child’s team, but there are many opportunities to help Flight “fly” as an organization, from fundraising and publicity to being an assistant coach to coordinating our web site to serving on the Board of Directors.


What jobs are there on each team?

Each team needs parents to perform these jobs for games and practices: Scorebook Keeper (all games); Clock Keeper (home games); Line Judge (all games, volleyball); Gym Set-Up (home games); Gym Clean-Up (home games); Statistician (all games; optional); Prayer Leader (home games); Other (such as babysitting for a coach’s child) (practices and/or games).  The team Parent Coordinator makes sure that all these roles are filled to keep the games and practices running.



What jobs are there in the program as a whole?

DFHA is a large organization with lots of positions.  These jobs include: the Board of Directors and Board Committee members; Program Directors for each sport; Athletic Director; Assistant Athletic Directors; Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches; Schedulers for each sport; Bookkeeper; Fundraising Coordinator; Publicity Coordinator; Concessions Coordinator; Webmaster; MaxPreps Coordinator; and Parent Coordinators for each team.  There are many opportunities for you to get involved and have fun!


Who do I go to first if I have a question during the season?

Each team has a Parent Coordinator who is the go-to person for your child’s team.  You will have a chance to meet this person when practices get underway at the beginning of the playing season.


If I have a complaint or issue with someone or something in the organization, who should I go to about it?

DFHA has a Conflict Management/Resolution process for all members to use.  It is posted on the Web site.  However, we ask first and foremost that our members follow Biblical principles in these matters: first go directly to the one who has offended you in hope of a direct resolution, avoid gossip, and always speak the best.


Do parents participate in program decisions or does the Board of Directors decide everything?

According to our Bylaws, parents participate in program decisions by contacting Flight leadership (including the Board) with questions or concerns at any time, by attending meetings of the Board, and by voting on key topics such as the election of Board members and amendments to the Bylaws.  One adult member of each family may cast a vote.  Members meet annually three times per year although they may ask to attend meetings of the Board of Directors throughout the year. 

Who are your current Board members and how can I reach them?

Board members are listed on the website.