Attention Prospective Homeschool Athletes

Durham Flight is the only homeschool athletic program in Durham that is sanctioned by the North Carolina Home Educators Athletic Commission (NCHEAC)

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NCHEAC is the statewide athletic commission that has jurisdiction over homeschool athletics in NC. They organize competitive leagues, conferences, and events in baseball, basketball, golf, cross country, fencing, soccer, swimming and volleyball exclusively for homeschooled athletes. Playing for the Durham Flight allows you to participate in sanctioned conference games and compete for regional and state championships in volleyball and basketball. Durham Flight has been under the oversight of NCHEAC for 16 years, and our program has benefitted greatly from this association. We feel obligated to tell you that if you join a non-sanctioned homeschool league or program in our area, your homeschool eligibility for NCHEAC and therefore for Durham Flight or any other NCHEAC team in NC will be affected. Please contact our athletic director, Roger Nelson, if you have any questions.