VB Uniforms & How to Wash

Flight Varsity Boys have a new look!

UpdatedFriday September 17, 2021 byAdmin One.

Our new sublimated uniforms have graphic designs and performance qalities that are highly desirable. Unfortunately there is potential for small picks and pulls. Extra care should be taken, especially when they are not in use. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you avoid any contact with velcro, or any other abrasive or sharp objects! These garments should be stored in a separate bag if stored with shoes or other equipment. DO NOT iron, and DO NOT leave them wet in a pile. 

Please follow the washing instructions below, and ENJOY our new look!  

1. Turn garment inside out

2. Cold machine wash--dark colors separately

3. DO NOT USE BLEACH icluding any color safe bleach

4. VERY IMPORTANT--do not wash with any garments containing velcro, metal zippers, or abrasive fabrics.

5. Remove from washer immediately upon completion of wash cycle

6. Hang dry on plastic hanger

7. Iron on warm or delicate setting only


9. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER- softeners breakdown fibers and inhibit moisure wicking and antimicrobial properties of the fabric