Flight Covid-19 Policy

UpdatedFriday October 16, 2020 byDurham Flight Board.

2020 Durham Covid-19 Policy (revised 10/16/20)

  1. All procedures and policies will follow and/or be superseded by local and state guidelines.
  2. All coaches and volunteers must complete this free course. NFHS (COVID19-Training for Coaches and ADs)
  3. All practices, meetings and competitions will comply with current government recommendations and requirements for gatherings. No exceptions.
  4. Attendance will be taken at every practice and home game.  This must include players, parents, coaches and officials - anyone in the gym.  This is to facilitate tracking if someone gets sick.  
  5. Parents and family members are allowed at practice. (masks are required)
  6. In December, when home games begin, if spectator limits are in place, Durham Flight has many volunteer opportunities to help accommodate a family being in the gym for the game.  Questions, contact Roger Nelsen, AD Durham Flight (durhamflightinfo@gmail.com) 919-451-8819
  7. Durham Flight does not control “away” game attendance, policies and protocols.
  8. All players must have their own water bottles, towels, practice ball, etc. These should be labeled clearly and kept in a personal bag near the team bench when not in use. 
  9. Handwashing by every single person should occur immediately after entering the building and before leaving.  Hand sanitizer will be available on the benches and elsewhere in the gym.
  10. During games, face coverings either cloth or medical must be worn by anyone not actively playing. This will include families of players, officials, coaches and volunteers.  Masks are encouraged while sitting on the bench and while not required are optional for players on the court. This may be modified for spectators if and when larger gatherings are allowed, and social distancing can be maintained and enforced.  During practice, it is optional for coaches to wear a mask.
  11. In order to increase success at distancing, score table volunteers may be moved to the opposite side of the gym from the team benches.  Absolutely NO unnecessary congregating may occur near or at the scorer’s table.
  12. All game balls and equipment will be wiped down before the match/game begins and during all breaks as well as immediately after the game.  Storage of equipment between games should be carefully considered and not stored by anyone with symptoms. Floors should be dust mopped during breaks like half-time and between matches.
  13. All uniforms must be laundered after each match and should never be shared.
  14. Each participant (students and adults) must verify their current symptoms.  If you have had a fever, cough, shortness of breath, and/or sore throat, in the last week, then you should not play nor even be in the gym.
  15. Officials will wear masks when not officiating in the game, then they will follow their organizations policies.
  16. Huddles are not permitted, and any timeouts must include as much distancing as possible and masks are required.
  17. No post game handshake will be allowed.  Each team should plan a fun contactless way to acknowledge opponents at a game
  18. Absolutely NO ONE except players, coaches, officials and volunteers may be on the court or team bench at any time. Spectators may not shoot baskets or play with team equipment at any time.


  • Reminder, all volunteers including all coaches, AD and coordinators are required to complete this FREE course and provide a copy of the certificate to the AD at durhamflightinfo@gmail.com.  It takes about 20-30 min to complete.

NFHS (COVID19-Training for Coaches and ADs)

(Once on the NFHS page - you must create an account if you do not have one.  Then go through the process of purchasing the course. It is like you are purchasing it, but it is really a free course.   Go to the Dashboard to retrieve your course.)

This policy is subject to change per North Carolina guidelines and regulations and/or as determined by the Durham Flight Board.


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