Flight Covid-19 Policy Revised 11-21

UpdatedFriday November 19, 2021 byAdmin One.

Durham Flight Homeschool Athletics COVID -19 Policy - Updated 11/10/2021

1 - Mask Policy - All Flight events and games will follow local mandates and policies of the facilities we are using.  

a.    For Durham Flight home games – everyone that enters the gym must wear a mask. 

b.    Players and coaches can remove them at the bench and while playing.  

c.  Game officials can decide whether they wear a mask or not while officiating.

2 – No food or drink may be consumed in the gym.  Everyone, including players should bring their own water bottles.

3 – Visitors should wait for the previous game to end before entering the gym.

4 – We are allowed 75 people in the gym.  Priority will be given to family members if the facility gets close to capacity.

5 - Participation after COVID-19 exposure - any player, coach, volunteer or family member who has been exposed to Covid must halt participation in all Flight activities for a minimum of 10 days. If the participant tests positive or a member in the same household tests positive then the Flight participant and the family member would need to complete their quarantine before anyone from the household returns to Flight activities. Please consult your family doctor or local health department for guidance about if additional quarantine days are needed for returning to sports activities.